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Ask Dr Uthuman Is An Initiative By Dr Uthuman Kilizza And Beacof Medical Centre

This is a platform given to the public to ask any medical related questions and get answers from the experts. ASK Dr UTHUMAN is an initiative by Dr UTHUMAN KILIZZA and BEACOF MEDICAL CENTRE. We work hand in hand with many doctors of different specialties across the world headed by Dr Uthuman Kilizza. We hope to educate our viewers and the public on various health and health related issues with the main goal of health for all. Feel free to ask any question as you are assured of a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

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We hope to educate our viewers and the public on various health and health related issues with the main goal of health for all. Feel free to ask any question as you are assured of a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

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ASK Dr UTHUMAN show is an initiative by Beacof Medical Centre (BMC), a corporate medical centre located at plot 71 Kampala road, Mutuba Gardens, Masaka City, Uganda with branches in Masaka, Ssembabule, Mbarara and Kampala. In this show Dr Uthuman Kilizza a qualified medical doctor answers medical questions directly from the public. Its currently available on a Youtube channel dubbed ASK Dr UTHUMAN. The channel has become a household name for many people in Uganda and the rest of the world.

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The leading cause of diseases in the world especially Africa is ignorance, lack of awareness, lack of information. Most times all diseases have warning signs and actually they practically alert us about their coming but because ‘the ears hear and eyes see what they know’, we don’t get their alerts until they put us down. According to the world health organisation, the leading cause of death in the world is cardiovascular (heart diseases) but surprisingly over 90% of the heart diseases are preventable.

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Maternal and child mortality is another big menace is public health but 90% of its causes are preventable. But if preventable, then why do people die from it, the answer lies in lack of information. In Africa, most people visit hospitals only when they are very sick yet this is where they can access information about their health. Accordingly there has been a hike in the consultation fees across all private health facilities in the world, this further pushes away people from accessing medical consultation services. And thus the public remains ignorant about their health, fall sick and pay huge bills to get treatment of the would-be avoided illnesses if they had knowlegde about them.

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ASK Dr UTHUMAN gives a platform to every individual to have free consultation from a medical doctor right from the comfort of their homes or work places.

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Street connect

Our team moves to the streets and randomly gets any person having a medical problem or challenge he would want a doctor’s attention. The person is give a chance to ask any question of their choice on camera. Then the question is taken to the doctor who answers it by giving relevant examples and most times doing practical drills in the theatre when it deems necessary.

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Social media

Some people pass through our facebook, twitter and Instagram pages to ask their questions. The questions are read on camera and answered by the doctor. Other individuals use WhatsApp to ask their questions. All the modes are to enable everyone have a chance to cinsult for free and at their own comfort. This makes our program/show community centred and owned!

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1. Increase access to health information for all.
2. Increase awareness of people about medical illnesses thus reducing the disease burden.
3. Reduce preventable deaths in the population

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Beacof Medical Centre (BMC) is a family of a corporate medical services providers operating in various Uganda. The main offices (main branch) are located at plot 71 Kampala road, Mutuba Gardens, Masaka City other branche in Ssembabule. BMC is fully registered and licenced to practice by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council. Its further fully registered as a business entity by the Uganda registrar of business; registration no. 80020000179043, TIN no. 1008550979 All our branches have both inpatient and outpatient departments plus outreach services with a well equiped diagnostic power ranging from clinical human resource, laboratory and imaging. We collaborate with a number of corporate companies likeInternational Medical Link (IML) insurance, UAP Old Mutual, Prudential Insurance, AAR Insurance, Case Medcare, National water and sewerage corporation, Security Group Africa (SGA) and LEOs primary school.


We treat, God heals


We maintain our core values on every client, every encounter and every time;
1. Respect for everyone Public trust demands the highest respect for those we serve and those with whom we work. We are here to better the lives of others and we are profoundly aware of the values of each human being-thus “service with respect”
2. Commitment to quality We pledge to our comminity the highest quality medical services by ensuring standard patient safety and clinical excellence. We will do no harm, do it right, do it now. We are extraordinary people to do extraordinary work and thus our pride in performance derived.
3. Team work Together we can do great things for people in need. One team with one goal; to be the leading medical services provider always!
4. Compassion Compassion is part of us at BMC, we treat our clients the way we wish our beloved ones to be treated..
5. Equity Equity of opportunity and access shall always remain our focus. We pledge to provide services to our clients indiscriminatory.

We shall provide high quality, equitable exceptional medical services with compassion through team work and valuing the medical ethics to be the leading providers of high quality medical services, Alaways!



To provide each patient with the world class care, exceptional medical services and compassion we would wish for our loved ones.



  • To provide quality, cost effective medical services to our clients
  • To address the health care needs of our community
  • To treat every one with respect , dignity and reverance
  • Focus on client satisfaction without undermining the ethics
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    BMC offers a wider range of services from medical to surgical

    General medicine Surgery, Theatre, Paediatrics and child health care, Gynaecology and obstetric services, Family planning (short term, long term and permanent), Outpatient and inpatient, Laboratory, Ultrasound scan, Counselling services, Immunizations and vaccination, Nutritional care, Continous professional development (CPD/CMEs)


    Medical officer / General practioners Specialist (OBGY, SUR, PAED, MED), Clinical officers, Laboratory technicians, Imaging Technologist, Radiographer, Nursing officers, Mid wives, Enrolled Nurse, Business Development Manager, Receptionist and hospitality personell, Sanitation and environment officer, Security team

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